Dusty White Out

Large group activities are especially prone to creating a greater than normal amount of dust. If rides are conducted in “pods” as described above, this will be minimized, but never will it be eliminated. Even on a cold day in March, you will still find a dust cloud behind a group of riders.

A white out occurs when there is so much dust that a person can no longer see the trail or the rider in front of them. The appropriate thing under such conditions is to do is to reduce your speed so that there is sufficient space between the riders so as to permit the breeze to clear the visual path between the riders. Keep in mind that you are responsible to maintain a distance of 30 feet between you and the rider in front of you. DO NOT STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TRAIL. If you feel that conditions are so limited that you can not proceed, you need to pull out of the trail so that those behind you do not run into the back end of you. If you can not see, chances are the person in back of you is suffering from the same problem. Do not stay in the trail if you must stop!

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