Group Size

Since we are maxed out on the number of fingers we have at five (for most people) this is also an indication of the number of machines who should ride together at any given time would be six. (Keep in mind the signal indicates the number of machines to follow) Groups of larger size can be managed more easily by splitting them into smaller pods of five or six each. Not only does this facilitate easy and appropriate hand signals, but it also spreads out the impact of the larger group on surrounding riders, hikers, campers and the environment. Can you imagine the enjoyment of the parade of ATV riders that may be experienced by an oncoming rider, hiker or camper if they were to be met on the trail by a group of 57 machines. By the end of the line of riders, the oncoming riders would be choked by the dust, not to mention the noise. How would you give a hand signal of 57 riders?

When large groups ride and have the same destination in mind, they should separate into groups of five and stager the departure giving three to five minutes between the departure of each pod of riders. If there are multiple routes to the destination it would be wise to employ the variety of routes rather than have all pods in a large group traverse the same trail. If a pod of five or six riders catches up to another pod from the rear, they should be allowed to pass, when safely possible, and three minute interval be given again before starting out on the trail. This will allow everyone to have the maximum enjoyable experience.

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