Personal Responsibility

Notwithstanding the responsibility of members of a group to stay together, this does not dismiss the responsibility and liability of each individual to be accountable for their actions. ATV riding is inherently a dangerous activity. Participation with a group does not somehow magically transfer responsibility for accidents to the other members of a group or the sponsors of the ride. All groups who sponsor rides will specifically disclaim any responsibility or liability for any accidents and injuries that may result from participation in such activities. This is perfectly reasonable and appropriate. If you do not agree with this, then you are perfectly free to ride by yourself, although this is not recommended under any condition, nevertheless you are free to do so.

Under group riding conditions it is simply not appropriate, unsafe and downright stupid to attempt feats of wonder and awe with your machine. If you have the mistaken impression that someone may be impressed with your physical prowess or machine’s ability to withstand abuse under the control of an idiot, then you should reconsider carefully.

The more people there are participating in group rides, the more important it is for people to work together closely and cooperatively to achieve a safe and enjoyable experience. The less regard to and consideration for the safety and enjoyment of all participants there is on the part of individuals, the greater risk there is to all.

Fools who act as though they are accountable only to their own selfish desires of thrill and excitement are a blight on any community. This is especially true of such participants in the ATV community. Irresponsible actions like doing wheelies in the staging areas are a complete breach of safety and appropriate consideration for the community as a whole. According to national statistics there are hundreds of people killed each year using ATVs. How many of these could be avoided by the use of common sense and good judgment? Possibly a vast majority, but certainly not all. Just for example 73% of all recorded deaths were in cases where there were no helmets worn. Please, do not let stupidity be the primary cause of death in our sport, it does not speak well for those of us who choose the ATV sport.

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